Beat the belly

A growing belly may not be great to look at, but the real problem is that it can cause serious health consequences.

Normally, our body stores fat under the skin, referred to as subcutanous fat. However, we can also store fat internally, around our organs, as visceral fat.

Visceral fat (or belly fat) behaves differently than subcutaneous fat.

For one, it drains fat into the hepatic artery, which takes fat-enriched blood to the liver.  Over time, this may lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

The consequence of this may not be restricted to only rising cholesterol levels, but insulin resistance (the first step to diabetes) and elevated tryglicerides may follow.

Visceral fat also produces inflammation causing signalling proteins, called cytokines, which cause low-grade chronic inflammation in your body. This makes you more susceptable to cardiovascular disease and cancer.

The great news is that when implementing certain lifestyle changes, visceral fat can reduce pretty fast.


Are you accumulating visceral fat?

The easiest way to find out is to get a tape measure and measure your waist circumference around your belly button.

Note that waist circumference has nothing to do with the trouser size you are wearing!

If your waist circumference exceeds 37-40 inches in men (94-100cm) or 33-35 inches in women (84-89cm) then you are at an increased risk for cardiovascular disease.

(The recommended waist circumerences vary slightly from one scientific opinion to another, hence the range).


Our own inhouse research (in line with mainstream consensus) has shown that by far the best approach to reducing belly fat and improving your blood readings is a combined nutrition and exercise programme.

Here are some performance results from a couple of our past clients:

Waist circumference (in cm)

If you're ready to say good-bye to your belly, book a consultation appointment with us today, and find out how we can taylor a programme for you that fits into your busy timetable and accomodates your lifestyle.