Get moving!

We are all aware of the importance of exercise and the numerous health benefits it provides, such as weight management, increased energy, cardiovascular risk reduction, stress reduction, better sleep, etc.

If you are like most people, you would like to exercise in principle, but you either cannot seem to find time for it, or just don’t prioritise it, because exercising on your own is boring and unmotivating,

On top of that, you might not be sure what kind of exercise is right for you. Is it walking, or running? What should you do to ‘tone up’ sagging areas? Should you lift weights, and if so, should they be heavy or light? And HOW should you lift them to avoid getting injured?

You might not have exercised for a long time, and you might be a bit anxious about how you would feel stepping into a gym full of young, fit-looking people confidently pumping away and making you feel out of place.

Welcome to our private Personal Training studio!

As a dedicated, private personal training studio, we operate on a different business model than typical gyms. Actually, we operate more like a dental clinic!

First, we don’t have gym members in our studio. There are no crowds, there is no confusion.

All our clients attend by a appointment, and during their exercise session they are continuously supervised by their assigned trainer, who never leaves you.

Before commencing your training, we consult with you, assess you, set realistic, reachable goals with you and establish your capabilities and limitations for exercise.

Based on this information, your trainer can provide an appropriate exercise programme for you, regardless of how fit, unfit, young or old you are. We make it a point that you can walk out of your first training session with a smile!

Making regular training appointments with your trainer is the best way to commit yourself to attending exercise sessions on a regular basis. This promotes exercise adherence, builds new, healthy habits and puts you on the right track towards building a healthier, fitter body.

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Advanced fitness for the (already) fit

Even professional athletes have fitness coaches.

When you already have a very good fitness foundation, further progress becomes slower and more difficult to achieve. You may find that your past approach that worked well for a long time all of a sudden does not produce any more positive results.

The saying "if you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to get the same result", applies perfectly here.

It's time to re-assess your condition, re-establish goals and apply new training strategies that will 'shock' your body and create a new training stimulus.

Our experienced coaches will guide you on how to go about this.

Please contact us for a One-to-One consultation so that we can discuss your particular requirements.

Fitness for the over 50s

With increasing age there is a tendency to exercise less. Whether it’s because we’re too busy, or whether we just lose the appeal for exercising, the commitment to engaging in regular exercise just diminishes as we get older. 'Life' gets in the way, we get comfortable, and we may convince ourselves that we're just too old for this s**t.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

A myriad of studies have shown that regular exercise slows down the ageing process, helps to maintain energy levels, vigor, libido, balance, agility, muscle tone and posture, and helps reduce the risk of age-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

Just like and older car needs more frequent servicing, and ageing body requires regular exercise to maintain full function, health and a feeling of wellness.

Don't let ANYONE tell you that you're too old to exercise!

Giving up on exercise means giving up on a well-functioning body. Lack of movement leads to deterioration of your muscular, skeletal and hormonal system, and may even affect your cognitive (brain) function.

We can assure you that you will be amazed how much better you'll feel physically after even just a couple of months of exercising with us.

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Fitness for patients with high cholesterol, pre-diabetes and diabetes

Elevated cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels as well as high blood pressure are often consequences of unhealthy lifestyle habits,that include, to a large extent, sub-optimal eating habits and lack of regular exercise. Being overweight or obese significantly increases your chances of being diagnosed with the above risk factors. While risk factors themselves are not a disease, they do significantly increase your risk of suffering from a heart-attack or stroke, or developing diabetes in the future.

In 2017 we conducted a scientific intervention study in conjunction with the University of Surrey, UK on 45 middle-aged men who were diagnosed with 3 or more cardiovascular risk factors (i.e. metabolic syndrome). In this 12-week study we were able to significantly reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels in our participants by engaging them in a regular, supervised  exercise programme with 3 exercise sessions per week and helping them to control their food intake during that time with the help of  regular nutrition coaching sessions.

This study clearly showed that lifestyle modification can have a significantly positive effect on improving or even reversing cardiovascular risk factors, and that such success is best achieved when working with a team of coaches that supervise clients and make them accountable for their actions.

If you're serious about your health and determinded to improve your cardiovascular risk factors, we have the right programme for you.

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