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Expect the best service from us!

As Malta’s leading Personal Training provider, our mission is to provide you with the most professional coaching service on the island.  We assume that you enrol in our programme because you are willing to invest in your health and serious about improving your fitness.

To fulfill our promise of delivering great results to you, we have developed a comprehensive training system that all our trainers and coaches apply. It involves:

  1. Thorough initial assessment
  2. Clear goal setting
  3. Applying an appropriate training programme based on your goals, abilities and limitations
  4. Regular re-assessments of your critical parameters
  5. Record-keeping of all your progress and workout data on our proprietary app, to which you have full access to.

This system of training is applied to all our package options, whether you train One-to-One,  ‘Two-to-One’ or in a Small Group.

If your goal is fat-loss, you will also be advised to follow our nutrition coaching programme, as nutrition plays a vital role in your ability to burn fat.

Yes, we can coach YOU too!

The beauty about personal training is that our programme can be tailored to you, however high or low your current fitness level may be. So whatever your limitations are, we can find a way to work with you. We will start you off from a safe, comfortable level and will guide you to improve your fitness level over time in little steps. As you get fitter, your workouts will become more effective, and your fitness level will improve even faster. Your body will become stronger, leaner, fitter and more supple.

At the end of your programme you’ll be thrilled with your results. You will realise that the benefits of being fit go beyond weight-loss or inch-loss. You will appreciate what it means to be energised, sleep well, feel light, have improved concentration and a general more positive mindset. But you need to experience the journey first to understand and appreciate these benefits!

Please have a look at our packages to see which option suits you best:

One-to-One Personal Training

Two-to-One (Couple or Buddy) Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training

Should you with to talk to us, please call us on 27 877 445 / 99 877 445.



Our Personal Training premises are currently closed, in line with the government directive.
However, we do offer Online Personal Training services as well as nutrition programmes coached through videoconferencing.
For enquiries, please click here.